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Hodges University is an equal access, equal oppounity organization. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 239-938-7700 | www.hodges.edu Losorio@Hodges.edu CAR SHOW SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH, 2023 9AM-1PM Free Admission! CAR REGISTRATION FEE: $15 PRE | $20 GATE PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE DR. PETER THOMAS VETERANS SERVICES CENTER AT HODGES UNIVERSITY NEW THIS YEAR: JUDGING & AWARDS! Awards for: Classic Cars, Modi.ed, Trucks, Motorcycles and People’s Choice! Join Us! Music and Food Trucks present all day long! Learn More! p LM L
Phone: 239-938-7700
Email: Losorio@Hodges.edu
Website: www.hodges.edu

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