2021: Brand-new year, brand-new plans



A brand-new year brings limitless possibilities and so much to look forward to — and 2021 holds promise for brighter days ahead, especially if you talk to some of the residents around Babcock Ranch.

Folks at Babcock Ranch, whether they work there or live there, tend to be a positive bunch and as they look towards the new year, they do so with a sense of hope and confidence. The Babcock Ranch Telegraph reached out to some of them to find out what they’re looking forward to in 2021:

Yanet and Albert Barrero

“As Babcock Ranch residents, we’re looking forward to making memories in 2021 that will last a lifetime. We moved to Babcock in January of 2019, and the same things that drew us here are the things that we are most looking forward to in 2021.

“Babcock Ranch has always celebrated nature and during the pandemic, nature has helped to keep us centered and connected. We can walk to Square Scoops for an icecream with our children or to Lake Babcock for some fishing. Just down the road we have several nature trails where you can easily spot deer, alligators, wild hogs, or blue herons. Residents can get some fresh air while enjoying a game of pickleball or croquet. Soon with the opening of Crescent B Commons we will have everything we need within a 15-minute walk. Nothing better to cure the COVID blues than the great outdoors and Babcock Ranch never disappoints with its perfect sunset views.

Viewing wildlife along the nature trails is just one of many things the Barrero family looks forward to in 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

Viewing wildlife along the nature trails is just one of many things the Barrero family looks forward to in 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

“We look forward to meeting new people as our community grows, and reaping the benefits of their unique qualities and contributions. Anything you need, you can find in Babcock Ranch. We have so many skilled and talented residents, and there’s nothing better than shopping local. We have musicians, hairdressers, photographers, bakers and chefs, real estate agents, artists, mechanics, you name it. We all love supporting each other’s businesses and keeping the profits local.

“Community is the heart of Babcock Ranch! We look forward to continuing the bond we have built with our neighbors through giving to others and helping each other during difficult times. Whether it be a toy drive, canned food drive, meal train for sick families, families with a new baby, or sewing thousands of masks during the pandemic, it’s clear that that community is what makes Babcock a special place to live.”

A great location to find a moment to reflect as we enter 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

A great location to find a moment to reflect as we enter 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

Damien and Stephanie Wardein

“Our family is looking forward to some great things in 2021, like watching our kids enjoy Babcock Neighborhood School (BNS) more fully as we get the virus under control. BNS is one of the main reasons why we moved to Babcock Ranch.

“We are looking forward to the new Cypress Lodge pool being built at Lake Babcock near the new Innovation Tower. We plan to frequent it often as it’s only two blocks from our house and offers the best seats for the sunset.

“We’re excited to see some positive aspects that COVID has had on the Babcock Ranch community already with the quickly increasing home sales. We’re grateful for the true community culture that’s present here at Babcock Ranch. It’s been a substantial and fast growth of our already great community due to people leaving the cities. It’s fun to see the neighborhood grow so quickly.

The Wardein family is looking forward to great things in 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

The Wardein family is looking forward to great things in 2021. COURTESY PHOTO

“We’re really looking forward to seeing so many other things come through to fruition, like the groundbreaking of the high school, State Road 31 becoming six lanes, and the new Publix.

“We love the people at Babcock Ranch and we’re grateful for the vision of Syd Kitson, who took a chance on an innovative idea to develop not just sustainability, but true community. He’s building it, and the people are coming.”

Kerrey Hoolihan

“I love selling real estate at Babcock Ranch! Two families that I recently worked with purchased there because of the Babcock Neighborhood School — they’re really looking forward to their kids getting a great education in a great community.



“I’m looking forward to enjoying the food and view at Table & Tap, as well being able to attend the wonderful events at Founder’s Square

“Most of the things people really love, like waving to each other from the front porch, is something I look forward to more of.

The newest amenities center, Cypress Lodge, will be opening in 2021 and that’s something that my new residents are really excited about.”

Remington and Rachel Begg

“Babcock Ranch feels like a real community. From knowing your neighbors (beyond just your street) to neighbors asking if you need anything from the store, we feel at home. I look forward to making new lifelong friendships and future block parties!

“We look forward to our commute to work. Having our home in Lake Babcock, and Impulse Creative (our business) located in Founder’s Square we can get to work on foot and still be there under 10 minutes. I look forward to watching the sunrise as I walk to work and sunsets after work.

The Beggs

The Beggs

“We appreciate the balance of technology and high-speed internet here and look forward to more growth there — that and the environmental responsibility was a compelling reason to both work and live in Babcock Ranch.

I’m looking forward to hiking the trails in Babcock Ranch. They are always expanding and beautifying the trails here, and we can’t wait to get out there and try some!”

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