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Babcock High School announces capital campaign

Babcock High School under construction. ANNALEE HULL / BABCOCK RANCH TELEGRAPH

Babcock High School under construction. ANNALEE HULL / BABCOCK RANCH TELEGRAPH

Babcock Neighborhood School is set to expand — again — this fall with the opening of its new Babcock High School building. While the financial aspects of construction have already been handled, a school needs much more for student success than a roof overhead. That’s why the advancement committee of the nonprofit school’s board is now asking the community to help by donating to its capital campaign via two fundraisers. Proceeds will go toward the purchase of equipment needed to provide students with a full education.

“People know that our school is a public school, and it is, but it’s also a nonprofit (charter) public school,” said Trish Duffy, board member and chair of the advancement committee. “We receive some funding from the state to pay for normal operating expenses, but it doesn’t pay for the things we need for sports, arts, and extra science and technology. This is a really well-planned, wellrun school. The elementary school has done very well and has received many awards. Our high school is a new building, and it needs everything related to afterschool extra-curriculars.”



Thinking back to high school, any of us who participated in extra-curricular activities likely remember having to sell fundraising items, such as selling candy to pay for the choir’s trip to the state competition. However, the durable big-ticket items, such as the piano and dozens of choir robes, were already in the music room as the school had purchased this basic equipment many years before any of us ever attended high school. Those big-ticket items also cost more than kids could ever raise by selling candy bars.

While BNS’s lower grades have some established sports and arts programs, Babcock High School is now at the point of needing to invest in all of those durable, big-ticket items for mul- tiple extra-curricular activities. While activities will be phased in, certain equipment purchases will need to be finalized in advance to ensure timely arrival.

Shannon Treece, principal of Babcock Neighborhood School COURTESY PHOTO

Shannon Treece, principal of Babcock Neighborhood School COURTESY PHOTO

“For us to provide a robust and successful athletic program, we have to purchase equipment that will ensure safety and effectiveness — batting cages, scoreboards, nets, mats, uniforms, sports medicine equipment and more,” Duffy said. “The amount we need to raise for next year is $802,197, and the amount we need over five years is $3,142,565.”

The school presently provides visual arts as well as technology-aided art with a 3D printer lab, but the goal is to add music, band, chorus and drama. Equipment the arts program needs includes musical instruments, sound systems, lighting and more. Duffy said the school needs about $387,000 next year to add to its arts offerings and some $1.2 million over five years.

“With the opening of our new building, we are also bringing on new programming that will open opportunities for our students,” said Shannon Treece, principal of the schools. “This fundraising effort will support these opportunities. Our goal is to ensure our students have a variety of experiences across the academics, arts and extra-curricular experiences, including athletics. These are major campaigns that are kicking off, and I am excited to get them in action.”

Babcock High School under construction. ANNALEE HULL / BABCOCK RANCH TELEGRAPH

Babcock High School under construction. ANNALEE HULL / BABCOCK RANCH TELEGRAPH

Residents can help make a difference today to secure access to these impactful programs for students by purchasing an engraved brick that will be placed in the walkway leading up to the new high school. This commemorative walkway will provide a lasting symbolic reminder to the students about the strength of community and the residents who stepped up to support school’s growth. The bricks range in sizes between 4-by-8 inches to 12-by-12, and at several prices between $50 and $500. An optional tile keepsake replica of the brick may be ordered for an additional $25.

“Many nonprofit organizations have held very successful brick fundraisers,” Ms. Duffy said. “Parents and grandparents like to leave a lasting memory in front of their school. So, it’s a really nice way to acknowledge and honor students, and it’s also a way to thank teachers and other people who have contributed to the success of our school. It’s also very reasonably priced. It’s also a great way for residents of Babcock Ranch who don’t have children or grandchildren to connect with the younger families and support the hometown and move the school forward as we grow.”

The community can also help support the educational growth by directly donating funds during The Giving Challenge, which starts at noon on April 26 and runs for 24 hours. The Giving Challenge is a fundraising program for qualifying regional nonprofits and run by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

Donations made to BNS during the challenge period through the school’s page on the Giving Partner website will qualify for a one-to-one match so long as they meet certain criteria. The Patterson Foundation is serving as the challenge match partner and will match one donation per donor up to $100. Minimum donation of $25 required to qualify for the match. All contributions must be made online at school-high-school between noon on April 26 and 11:59 a.m. on April 27.

A phone-a-thon party will also take place in Founder’s Square on April 26. Residents are encouraged to stop by for entertainment, food and drinks.

Visit for more information.

How to donate to the capital campaign

>> Engraved Buy-a-Brick program

• 4-by-8 inch: $50
• 8-by-8 inch: $250
• 12-by-12 inch: $500
• Replica tile keepsake: $25
• Order:

>> The Giving Challenge

• Noon Tuesday, April 26 through
11:59 a.m. Wednesday, April 27
• One online donation per donor
made during the 24 hours qualifies
for match up to $100 ($25 minimum).

Donate: organizations/babcock-neighborhoodschool high-school

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